Sulfate Resistant Cement - CEM I 32.5 R-SR5

Sulfate resistant cement is an exceptional product with the following characteristics:

  • Intensified resistance to sulfate-containing mineral waters
  • Less heat of hydration
  • Prolonged strength development
  • High frost resistance

Sulfate resistanct cement is intended for hydro technical, underground and sea buildings. The product is used for manufacturing concretes with the following special compliance requisites:

  • Resistance to sulfate corrosions
  • Resistance to sulfate corrosions, when constant freezing - defrosting or drying up - dumping takes place simultaneously

Sulfate corrosion of concrete occurs as a result of the influence of natural sulfur-containing waters. After penetrating into concrete (if C2O excess is found), sulfur-containing sulfate water generates cement "Bacillus" (ettringite), which expands and activates internal pressure and tension in the concrete mass and accordingly, deformation, fracture and destruction of concrete.

Dr. Irakli Giorgadze

Technical Advisor