HeidelbergCement companies in Georgia pursue group-wide management principles. As a group member, HeidelbergCement Georgia operates according to the group guidelines with full transparency, corporate leadership principles and group-wide activities. An excellent management team and committed, qualified employees are the foundation of HeidelbergCement Georgia success.
Based on our corporate mission, HeidelbergCement ‘Leadership Principles’ was designed to help us and other group member companies build a common management and leadership culture. Absolute priority is assigned to focusing on comprehensive efficiency and sustainable profitability while also putting emphasis on customers and profit-oriented growth.

With this in mind, cost awareness and highly efficient structures and processes are of the highest importance as well as speed and consistent implementation. To achieve our objectives, we rely on dedicated and qualified employees and an excellent management team. We are convinced that a corporate culture, which is primarily based on employee-orientation and partnership, will lead to the long-term success of HeidelbergCement. 

  •  Partnerships | ‘Trust and fairness’
  •  Performance and Result Orientation | ‘Strong performance and result culture’ 
  •  Customer Orientation | ‘Greatest possible benefit for the customer’ 
  •  Professional, Social and Management Competence | ‘Competence as a success factor’
  •  Role Model | ‘Act as an example’
  •  Communication and Information | ‘Creating transparency’
  •  Commitment | ‘Inspiring yourself and others’
  •  Employee Development | ‘Challenge and support’
  •  Assessment and Feedback | ‘Employee entitlement to feedback’
  •  Conflict Management | ‘Resolving conflicts actively’ 

As a successful company, HeidelbergCement Georgia is able to rely on an excellent management team and highly trained employees. By encouraging employees in a targeted way, HeidelbergCement Georgia creates the basis for sustainable succession planning. Competent handling of our operating business, strength of implementation, a focus on employees and exemplary behavior are essential requirements for taking on responsibilities at HeidelbergCement Georgia.